Tax Audit & Audit Defense

What's a tax audit?

 A tax audit is when the IRS decides to examine your tax return a little more closely and verify that your income and deductions are accurate.

Audit Defense Services

While the range of services we can offer to regulated service providers is extensive.

Examples of matters in which we have helped providers include:

  • Assisting with identifying if any, financial or insurance regulation may apply to a client’s proposed business. And with preparation and implementation of resulting business plans and regulatory applications.
  • Acting on behalf of service providers. In relation to alterations to their license by adding or removing regulated service categories.
  • Assistance and advocacy at meetings between service providers and regulators. In relation to client structures and the provider businesses themselves.
  • Preparing contractual documentation for the sale, purchase or transfer of management control of financial and insurance regulated businesses. And liaising with the relevant regulators, including upon the merger of licensed entities.
  • Advising on anti-money laundering regulation in relation to regulated and designated businesses.
  • Undertaking anti-money laundering and other compliance checks on clients originating from CIS countries, in which we specialize, to assist service providers conducting enhanced due diligence and increase the acceptability of clients.